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smokin' steve's blackjack brisket | Smokin' Steve's Blog This wood will smoke quite heavily for an extended period of time without causing the meat to become bitter, not like getting mad at the world, but bitter tasting from over smoking. The flavor that blackjack gives the meat is smoky and mellow, leaving a very nice smoke ring. Blackjack Oak Uses?? - by toolman409 @ ... Hey Bro, sorry I missed this post, must have been at the VA, anywayz..if you have access to some good BlackJack Oak, I say go for it…it is a good wood, only one or two will be found around stands of Live Oak here in Central Texas, it prefers the sandier soil, you can identify it by the “clubbier looking leaves” does that make sense :) Red VS. White Oak smoking - Texas Hunting Forum To me, Mesquite is the best wood for short term cooking such as steaks, smoked chickens and pork. I find the Hickory to add some bitter bite to my food, with a bit of a sweet finish. Oak with pecan is great for long term cooking like a leg, whole pig, brisket, etc. Pecan seems to smoke a lot, especially if its just lightly green still. What is the best wood for smoking meat? - Chad's BBQ

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The most popular woods for smoking are Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, and Pecan. These staples are best suited for larger chunks of meat such as briskets, ribsChoosing the right wood for your smoker is all about preference. While some woods are generally considered to be better with certain cuts, the only... Best Wood For Smoking: 5 Wood That Will Make You Go…

One note of caution, these are pretty strong smoking woods so you don't wanna over smoke your meat. So make sure that you use just the right amount of wood in smoking for the right amount of time.

Feb 25, 2010 · With all of the snow you guys have been getting, there should be a lot to choose from. That's not a bad price that he is giving you. Spit and season it, keep it dry and off the ground and you will have good dry wood to work with and the supply will last a long time.

Using Wood For Smoking Meats. A unique but not new way to bringing out the robust flavours of our meats is by smoking. It is important to select the best meat smoker and deciding which fuel option, charcoal, electric or gas, works best for you. Smokers are fuelled by various methods.

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