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In Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel you assume the role of a character and delve into a thrilling story full of side quests and secrets that you will have to unravel. Breathtaking combat arts and sophisticated spells are waiting to be learned.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review for Xbox 360 - Also, the number of items found in Sacred 2 is outstanding. Even at the lowest levels, players will find lots of goodies that will buff their character. I loved the fact there were so many body slots with which to deck out my characters; from rings and helms to gauntlets, mail, and weaponry, Sacred 2 is a loot-junky's paradise. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Trophy Guide & Road Map ... Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is the second full game in the Sacred video game series and is a prequel which takes place 2,000 years before the events of the original game. A mysterious and volatile substance called T-Energy is the source of all life and magic in Ancaria.

May 11, 2009 · This really refers to how Sacred 2 worked on PC before it was ported to consoles. On PC you started with just 1 slot to equip weapons, and 1 for combat arts. If you wanted to use another weapon or different combat art you would need to change it through a menu.

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Riding and Combat Discipline: Damage Yes, Regeneration-Time No. Riding CA can't be put in combinations( 2.40). Horse Combat Arts are Spells, so ancient magic, intelligence, ...

Sacred 2:Buff - SacredWiki Dec 24, 2014 ... In Sacred 2 the term "Buff" refers to a specific type of Combat Art that ... the Combat Arts window, (Push "E"), and drag it onto the first Buff slot on ... Steam Community :: Guide :: Beginner's User Interface and Gameplay ...

Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel Interview - Part 2 The combat system, items, magic, enemies, quests et al as we wrap up our query session on Ascaron's action RPG Combat, items, magic, enemies, quests et al in Ascaron's game

For Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Very silly question; how do you set keyboard shortcuts for combat arts?". SACRED 2: Fallen Angel - PS3 - Review - GameZone SACRED 2: Fallen Angel – PS3 – Review. By. jkdmedia - May 4, 2012 Combat Arts, Offensive, Defensive and General skills. Sacred 2 is a solid game that offers PS3 owners a quality Sacred 2: Fallen Angel | Sacred Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Edit. Effects the strength and regeneration of Combat Arts divide the 12 slots into quarters, and equip 3 of each kind of relic (3 red

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Sacred 2's Most Useful and Most Useless Skills - Sacred 2 ... 02. combat discipline- lowers regen times of all Combat Arts in combo by 10%. mastery lowers regen by 20%. increases the damage of all spell Combat Arts by a flat amount. increases the damage of all weapon based Combat Arts by their ca bonus. allows for 3-4 ca combos. this is THE premier skill to enhance damage output.